Basic Search

You can search a patient record using their name, ID, DOB, Home phone, Mobile and MRN Number.

How to Create a New Patient?

Patient can be created from the Homepage. Patient details are managed by creating patient with the details of their demography, contact & family details. The patient module is accessible, through a patient record only.

Patient Demographics is the statistical data of a patient, where the patient details such as, their full name, DOB, gender, contact details including address, phone or mobile number, email id. Also It includes marital status of the patient, their occupation, religion & ethnicity. Along with that, the patient type, reference & doctor also can be recorded.

In the Contact Detail page, you can add & manage any type of contacts which are already created in the Contact module of iMedDoc Settings, like GP, Referral, Physiotherapist, Solicitor, etc., By adding contact detail to the patient record helps to access the related contacts of a patient easily. Also the label printing aids in the letter correspondance with the added contacts.

In the Next of Kin page you can record the patient’s closest living relative’s details and contact informations, which would be useful during situations when the patient is out of contact or when the patient should not be communicated.

How to Edit a Patient?

Search and Select a Patient record, which need to be edited. Either by double clicking the selected patient or by selecting a patient record & Clicking on Edit tab, leads to the Edit Patient page, which is a part of the Patient Module.

Change the required fields in the Edit Patient page, and Save to update changes.

How to Use Labels?

Patient, Address and Envelope Labels can be printed from the Patient Details page.

Print Labels

Patient label, which prints Patient’s address, email, mobile number & Contact Detail name on the selected label type.

You have to enter the number of Copies & Starting Position of printing and select the appropriate printer.

How to Generate Patient Report?

In the Header of the Edit Patient page, the Patient Report tab leads to the generation of Patient Report with Patient History, Appointments, Prescription, Accounts, which can be selected by the user.

Select the report contents, by clicking on the check box against them and Save, to generate Patient Report. The PDF generation of reports, can be downloaded to your system or printed.