How to create a Template?

To add a Template, Click Create New button on the right hand side. Select & Enter all the required fileds in the Add Template page. When all the required data are entered, Click Save to create a new Template. The newly created template is listed in the Template page. When creating your line item, you have the ability to:

  •     •    Add headers
  •     •    Integrate paragraph styling
  •     •    Bold and italicize text
  •     •    Adjust centering and indentation

Additionally, patient information can be incorporated into your template line items with shortcuts such as {name} or {DOB} or {age} to dynamically populate this information when the line item is used in an encounter. Use the [P] drop-down menu to add these shortcuts to your line item. Once you have created or edited your template, click Save in the top right corner.

How to edit a Template Document?

Search and Select the Template, which need to be edited. Double click the selected Template, which opens the template document. Edit the document and Click Save to update the changes.

How to edit a Template Description?

Search and Select the Template, which need to be edited. Select Edit tab in the actions menu, which leads to the Edit Template page. Change the required fields in the Edit Template page, and Click Save to update the changes.

How to delete a Template?

To delete a Template from the list, select the record and choose Delete icon, a window pop-ups prompting whether to delete the entry. Click OK to delete the template. Only unused templates can be deleted. If the template is in use, the system will not allow you to delete the record.

How to archive a Template?

Select a Template from your connection and choose Archive from the actions menu drop down to hide the Template from iMedDoc Selection list. Similarly a Template can be Unarchived by Selecting the archived Template & Click Unarchive tab in the actions menu drop down. This will restore the Template available for Selection.

How to Upload a Template?

Search & Select a required template, which need to be replaced with a word document from your system. Select Upload from the drop down of the actions menu, which leads to the Upload File page. Click Choose File button, to select a word file (.doc format), from your system. Select the required file, Click Open to add the file to Upload File page. Click Upload button, the file is uploaded in iMedDoc EMR, and list in the Template page.