How to Create a Contact?

To add a Contact, Click Create New button in the top right corner. Enter the provider's First Name, SurName, Title, Contact type which are required to save the Contact and click Save button. The Provider is then added to Contact List.

How to Edit a Contact?

To edit the Contacts, find the contact from the list, select the record and choose edit icon or double click the record. You will see the same screen as Add Contacts and edit any of the fields and click Save to save changes.

How to Delete a Contact?

To delete a contact from your connection, select the record and choose Delete icon, a window pop-ups prompting whether to delete the entry. Click OK to delete the contact. Only unused contacts can be deleted. If the contact is in use, the system will not allow you to delete the record.

How to Archive a Contact?

Select a contact from your connection and choose Archive from the actions menu drop down to hide the contact from iMedDoc Selection list. Similarly a Contact can be Unarchived by Selecting the archived contact & Click Unarchive tab in the actions menu drop down. This will restore the contact available for Selection.