How to Create an Invoice?

Select Create tab in the Invoice page, which leads to the Add Invoice Page. Select & Enter all the necessary data in the Add Invoice page. Select appropriate procedure. Click Add Row, to add multiple procedures. When all the required data are entered, Click Save to create a new Invoice & return to the Invoice page.

How to Edit an Invoice?

Search and Select the Invoice, which need to be edited. Double click the selected Invoice, or Select Edit tab in the actions menu, which leads to the Edit Invoice page. Change the required fields in the Edit Invoice page, and Click Save to update the changes.

How to Pay Invoice?

Select the invoice and select on Pay tab from the actions menu drop down, to generate a receipt directly from the invoice list.

How to generate PDF of an Invoice?

Select an invoice, click on Print tab from the actions menu, to print the invoice in PDF format. From which, you can download the invoice to your system or print it.

How to email an Invoice?

Once invoice is saved, they can be emailed. Click on the invoice you need to email and click on the Email tab from the actions drop down.

Enter the email address of the external contact or patient you wish to email. The subject can be typed as required. Choose the pre-defined mail template if needed and the content will be loaded in message. The invoice selected will be included as an attachment in PDF format. Click Send to email the details to recipient.

How to delete an Invoice?

Search and select the required invoice for which the receipt is not generated and click on delete icon from the action dropdown menu. A window pop-ups prompting whether to delete the entry. Click Yes to delete the invoice.

Void Invoice

Deleting an Invoice once made, creates difficulties in maintaining the account records properly.So the invoices which cannot be claimed or will not be paid, for various reasons, can be saved as Void invoices.

Search and Select the Invoice, which is void. Enter the Reason for this invoice to be void & Click Update to update the changes.

Bad Debts

A debt / Invoice which cannot be recovered, can be added into Bad Debts.

Search and Select the Invoice, which is added to Bad Debts, debts that cannot be recovered. Enter the Reason for this invoice to be Bad debt & Click Update to update the changes.